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Nature is the muse of all creators and has inspired some of the greatest masterpieces. Threading the line between tradition and non-conformity, Haute Nature is like a painted scene, with romantic touches that praise the supreme refinement and delicacy of fall colours.

— David Vincent,International Makeup Artist


The 4 exclusive Haute Nature products

Haute Nature
Eyeshadow Palette

Ultra-soft creamy powder eyeshadow formula


Haute Nature

Blush trio with an ultra-silky texture

Gives a healthy glow


Haute Nature
Rouge Gourmand Glow

Hydrating Lip Balm

Trendy shade

Adds a touch of colour

50 mL

Haute Nature
Waterproof Eyeliner

Creamy and velvety eyeliner



Recreate the look: Haute Nature

  1. 1. Apply

    Apply shade 1 as a base all over the lid.

  2. 2. Illuminate

    Illuminate the center of the eyelid using shade 2.

  3. 3. Blend

    Apply and blend shade 4 to define the crease.

  4. 4. Underline

    Underline the eye using shade 3.

  5. 5. Extend

    Use shade 5 to underline and extend upwards the outer corner of the eye.

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