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Féline Eyeliner HD - Noir

1.2 mL


Féline Eyeliner HD defines the eyes and instantly intensifies the look with a single stoke, thanks to its ultra-pigmented formula that dries fast and makes one continuous line. Its fine and supple felt tip applicator allows an easy and precise application of the product, to achieve: - A simple and neat look with a thin line - An intense and sophisticated look with a thicker line

Tested under dermatological and ophthalmological control.

  • Precise and impeccable application
  • Easy to apply and handle
  • Fast-drying formula that makes one continuous line
  • Tips

    For a perfect line, rather than creating an unbroken line in one continuous movement, hold the eyeliner parallel to your eye and make a series of dashes, pressing the side of the felt tip to the base of your eyelashes.
    No ingredients specified
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