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Lise Watier x ElleLise Watier x Elle

Lise Watier Cosmetics is proud to announce its partnership with ELLE to launch its new Fall 2017 Collection.

Lise Watier x Elle


Fall 2017

Limited Edition

Weekender Collection

“Take the time to slow down. Stay in bed on a Sunday, have breakfast in bed or spend your afternoon in a quaint café. Take your time and live the present moment. Escape the chaos of the outside world and enjoy a cup of coffee, under your bed sheets or in your most comfortable clothes.”

— David Vincent, International Makeup Artist

The 4 Exclusive Weekender Products

A Unique Collaboration

For over 45 years, Lise Watier Cosmetics has been a pioneering force in prestige cosmetics across Canada, praised for its high-quality products, its innovative spirit, and its impressive formulas.

ELLE is an internationally recognized brand and is the reference for Canadian women on fashion, beauty, culture, and society.

This collaboration resulted in the development of four exclusive products that perfectly reflect the essence of each company. Through this natural association, the chic yet relaxing world of the collection was born.

Vanessa Craft, ELLE Editor In Chief, Angélique Martel, ELLE National Beauty Director, and David Vincent, International Makeup Artist.
The collaborators test different eyeshadow shades and textures.
“We’re paying attention to every detail to create an exceptional collection that will please thousands of women.” - David Vincent
David Vincent tests the selected shades on a model for the perfect look.

Complementary Products for the
Complete Weekender Look

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