We believe in your beauty. It’s unique, it comes from within and it inspires us.

We believe that makeup should be fun—not an obligation or a routine, but a great pleasure in your life. Our goal is to constantly refresh and renew this experience.

We give you the most dazzling array of colours, sophisticated, on trend and smartly edited, to inspire your creativity.

We offer the latest innovations that will always surprise you with smart application, versatility, endurance, and a fabulous finish. Always delightful, always surprising.

We believe great makeup begins with great skincare. Our products feature the most advanced technologies and active ingredients using Canadian and international scientific expertise.

We create fragrances that are your beauty accessory, that capture an emotion and carry you away.

We are dedicated to being your partner in beauty, to help you create that fabulous look and energy that is all your own.

You are a woman. You are beautiful. You are unique.


Forty years ago, Lise Watier founded her own cosmetics firm. The story and growth of that company has made an indelible mark on the business world and the entire beauty industry.

This is the story of a home-grown company and the woman who created it: a woman of heart, principle, and passion.


Lise Watier was born in the Hochelaga- Maisonneuve district of Montreal. An only child, she had a happy childhood, raised by a loving car-salesman father and a mother who was a clothing buyer. Educated first at boarding school, followed by a classical education at Collège Jésus-Marie, Lise Watier was a shy yet attentive pupil.
She studied painting and piano and hoped at one point to become a concert pianist.

From her stylish, well-groomed mother, Lise Watier developed a taste for beauty and quality at an early age. She loved to make up and style her friends before they went out to dances, delighting in powders, colours and tiny jars of beauty products.

After completing her schooling and reading the autobiography of Helena Rubinstein, Madame Watier hit upon the idea of starting her own cosmetics line. She didn’t yet have the resources she needed, but her destiny was set.


One day, when accompanying a friend to an audition at Télé-Métropole, Madame Watier was spotted by a television producer. That chance encounter got her into commercials, which she did for several months before being offered her own television show. In that series, she covered stories for women, with subjects ranging from psychology to beauty, and soon became Quebec’s leading voice on women’s issues and concerns.

Through interactions with her loyal female viewing audience, who increasingly sought her advice, Madame Watier gained a firmer sense of her vocation: to help women enhance their self-worth and develop the confidence that makes them beautiful. Madame Watier left television and in 1968, opened the Lise Watier Institute, a beauty and charm school that taught personal growth, grooming, etiquette and makeup. The concept was a hit and the popularity of the Institute instant.

The idea of developing a cosmetics line gradually crept back to the fore. Madame Watier was dissatisfied with the products she found on the market, both for the courses at her Institute and for her personal use. She decided to create products that would meet her own standards.


Ever motivated by the desire to give her female customers the very best, Madame Watier has always focused her efforts on research and development.

The company has stayed at the forefront of the latest in scientific research and collaborates with the world’s leading cosmetics laboratories.

The ingredients and elements used to formulate products are carefully chosen and often the result of revolutionary discoveries.

The head office employs a complete team of researchers and biochemists, who ensure the quality, conformity, and effectiveness of every product. Each formula is subjected to rigorous clinical testing, with the first tester being Madame Watier herself.


In addition to being among the first to herald the cosmetic benefits of aloe vera, Madame Watier has continued to include many other innovative ingredients in her products, such as cottonseed peptides, blue lotus extract, lemon bark powder, watercress extract and red clover isoflavones.

Lise Watier Cosmétiques was among the first to recognize and make use of the benefits of Labrador tea, a plant found in the Canadian boreal forest which has remarkable antioxidant and rejuvenating properties. It took five years of research in cooperation with Université du Québec à Chicoutimi to develop an exclusive extraction process and to conceive Age Control Supreme, an innovative anti-aging skincare product.

Launched in 2011, Age Control Supreme is on its way to becoming a reference in skincare.


From the very beginning, Lise Watier Cosmétiques has recruited top talent to make each stride forward the result of superb teamwork.

Madame Watier has consistently sought to surround herself with the most competent, motivated colleagues, never hesitating to recruit experts in various fields and specializations. From product development to marketing and distribution, the employees of Lise Watier Cosmétiques are picked from the top schools and are known to be leading lights in the industry.

Of the 168 employees working at Lise Watier Cosmétiques today, some have been with the company for more than 30 years. These self-proclaimed “W diehards” have built, rebuilt, and shaped the brand as we know it today.